"My introduction to EPT through sessions with Karen has been amazing!   She has created so much awareness around areas that were in need of healing that I didn't even realize were contributing to my overall troubles. Through her incredible forgiveness statements, she has been releasing huge amounts of energy to allow for the healing I have been needing for a very long time. I am so grateful to her!"


"I never realized how much I held in that had never been forgiven, because I didn't know it was there. So EPT is bringing a whole new freedom spiritually, emotionally and physically to me - and I know to many others. Thank you for letting God use you to show us how to forgive and help others."


"With EPT, I have found my lost zest and enthusiam for life again. Everything around me is beautiful again. EPT does work and now I want everyone to try it."


"I have been able to mend relationships with my family. I have gotten rid of most, if not all, of my anger. Just a sense of peace - overall a great growth process. Overall it was an incredible experience."


Healing ADD / ADHD with Emotional Polarity Technique

Hear how EPT can help address attention disorders without drugs or years of therapy. 

Getting Over The Loss of a Loved One

Recovering after the death of a loved one can take an emotional toll on you and your life. Hear how EPT can help you move forward with new strength, regaining your sense of happiness and wholeness.